Today we will discuss the key to success when selling your dress on our platform. Which is ultimately, promoting your dress on this site

Since this is a new venture that was launched only about 2 weeks ago we urge our users to help promote their dress on our site by utilizing the tools that we have provided on our website.

So lets look at ways to promote your dress on this site.

1. Share on Social Media

After uploading your dress, simply view you listing by clicking on it. In the right hand corner of you photos you will notice a share icon that you can use to share your dress on all social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn just to name a few.

2. Share via email

When viewing your listing, at the top of your Internet browser you will notice the URL (”), simply copy the URL and mail it to your friends and family to help you share the listing to get a buyer in less time.

3. Share via WhatsApp

Using the same method as mentioned in step 2 you can share the URL on your WhatsApp by sending it to Friends and family asking them to pass it on to someone that might be interested.

4. Share by talking about the site

Simply tell your friends about our new platform that allows you to sell your dress online for free and encourage them to also sell a dress on With more dresses listed, and more people using these methods to sell their dresses we will get more exposure which means more possibilities for you to sell your dress.

I truly hope that this was helpful and that you will use these methods to ensure that you get maximum exposure.