What do we mean that more is better when it comes to selling your dress on Sell Your Dress

The more visual the listing is the more prone visitors are to click on it. People like thing that are visually appealing to them.

Thus we encourage you to ensure that you always add a photo to your listing as this is the first thing people see when browsing this site. \

Is dress details important

Absolutely, this is properly one of the most important factors when selling your dress. Let’s look at it from a different angle. Say you are in the market to buy a dress and before you start your search you know how long you want the dress to be, what the waist size should be etc. Obviously you want something that will fit you perfectly and if the advertisement does not reflect the details you will skip it and go to the next listing. Thus it is of utmost importance that your listing is as complete as possible.

Seller Notes

Each listing allows you to enter seller notes. This is where you tell your story and explain to the people why this dress is so perfect for the specific occasion. You can explain the setting of the venue and how everything came together with the dress to captivate the audience and help them love the dress.

Changes to listing order coming soon

Our order of listing will be altered to show the listing with the most details first. Meaning that the more complete your listing the higher the exposure on our website would be. All listing with little to none information would be at the bottom of the queue.

What to take away from this

1. Always ensure that you load photos of your add to make it more appealing for the audience

2. Ensure that you listing details are as complete as possible

3. Remember that more is better when entering seller notes, this is your most important field to captivate the visitor and help them want your dress

I truly hope that this was helpful and that you will use these methods to ensure that you get maximum exposure.