A lot of our users that post listing on Sell Your Dress don’t really know what goes on in the background when listing a dress. They do not really know what we do from our side to help promote the dress and thus we have decided to post this article to put shed some light on the subject.

Apart from having this wonderful platform for you to post your dress, we do a couple of things to ensure that we only have quality listing on our site and that they all get the same exposure despite the price or occasion of the dress.

  1. Firstly we activate the listing once we have confirmed that it is a legitimate listing with proper content. This makes the dress viewable on our platform
  2. Next we share your listing on our Facebook page for everyone to admire and if you liked our Facebook page you can share the listing that we have provided to help spread the word.
  3. Then we go and add your listing to our Twitter account with a relevant description.
  4. Next we add it to our Board on Pinterest with a link back to your listing.
  5. And finally we add your best photos to our Instagram account with the relevant # tags in order to promote dresses in any # searches.

Besides the sharing of your listing we go the extra mile to ensure that Search Engine Optimization is optimally setup on our website to increase generic traffic from search engines like Google etc.

We always strive to enhance our platform and have recently introduced the Share buttons below every listing for you to easily share your listing on any Facebook Group, Managed Pages and more. This is however not limited to Facebook and allows you to share it on any desired Social Media Platform.

So this is how we help you in a nutshell. If you liked this post, please remember to share it with the buttons provided below. Furthermore may you have a blessed day!